Psalm Titles
Gordon Wenham defends the titles on the Psalms and stresses their importance for a Messianic reading of the book.

Finances and Debt Reduction Resources
Thanks to Paul Tautges for another great collection.

Do men and women sin differently?
“A recent Catholic survey supports this idea that men and women sin differently. The study was based on the confessions heard by 95 year-old, Jesuit priest Fr. Roberto Busa and focused on the traditional seven deadly sins (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth).  The most common sins for men were lust, gluttony and slothfulness, while women were more likely to struggle with pride, envy and anger.” Also see Preaching to women who work in the home.

Posture and Study Habits Guide
And if you work for more than 2 hours a day at a computer screen, you’ll eventually need this onavoiding and curing neck pain.

Liberty transforms into evangelical mega-university
“Total enrollment now exceeds 74,000, with nearly 62,000 working toward degrees online in fields such as psychology, business, education, criminal justice and, of course, religion. That makes Liberty the largest university in Virginia — with more than double the number of students at No. 2 George Mason — and the largest private, nonprofit university in the country. ”

Proverbs can hit the Gospel Notes
Erik Raymond: “May God forbid that we zoom through this botanical garden of divine grace fit to thrill the nostrils of our soul!”