Following the popularity of last week’s post on 200+ Preaching Resources, I thought I’d repeat the exercise this week with 200+ Leadership resources that I’ve catalogued over the last few years. I’ve divided them roughly into (1) Christian Leadership posts and (2) Other Leadership posts. Lots to learn from both.

Christian Leadership Posts

Seven Warning Signs of a Leader’s Fall

Ed Stetzer – Leaders of Courageous Character: Why They’re Needed but Lacking– With Four Ways to Be One

25 Ways Men Can Be Servant Leaders | HCSB – The Christian Leader in the Digital Age

What Makes a Good Leader? | Alex Chediak

Seven Deadly Thoughts of Leaders

Leading Distracted People | Leadership Journal

Leaders can increase their emotional IQ

Ed Stetzer – 5 Reasons Some Leaders Finish Poorly

10 Tips for Leaders who Don’t Want to Become Self-Promoting Jerks Online

The Tone of Pastoral Leadership « Church Forward

7 Pitfalls of Leadership | Ron Edmondson

3 Signs You Are Not a Kingdom Leader

Book Reviews: The Conviction To Lead – The Gospel Coalition

26 Characteristics of a True Leader — John MacArthur

100 Best Quotes On Leadership | Ben Terry

Great Quotes on Great Leadership | Challies Dot Com

Three Pitfalls for Young Evangelical Leaders | Daniel Darling

A lot of pastors love crowds and hate people | Video

Leaders Tell the Truth – The Gospel Coalition Blog – The Conviction to Lead

5 Leadership Lessons from Abraham Lincoln – Trevin Wax

Leaders Take Responsibility | RPM Ministries

Building Healthy Churches | 9 Marks

Study Great Leaders | Justin Buzzard

Encouraging Leadership | Gospel Centered Discipleship

Mario Vega: Facing the Tough Decisions Surrounding Moral Failure –

Condoleezza Rice – “No Higher Honor” : What’s Best Next

Introverted Servant Leader Who Can Find? – Wog Magazine

20 Top Leadership Tips…in Tweet Length | Ron Edmondson

What Does Gospel-Centered Leadership Look Like? – Trevin Wax

Solid Advice for Young Leaders from Dr. Billy Graham | Ron Edmondson

Quiet Leadership (Brian Harris)

10 Proven Practices for More Productive Leadership | Michael Hyatt

Why the Church Has a Leadership Shortage by Matt Perman

Seven Characteristics of Advancing Leaders –

How to Become A Better Leader | Justin Buzzard

Leadership from the Heart – Posts – Advice to young leaders, Part 2

The Most Dangerous Words Church Leaders Use –

“A Countercultural Model for Leadership” by John MacArthur | Reformed Bibliophile

Leadership Core: Experience and Education

Coaching Young Leaders Effectively: Seven Observations

Leadership Core: Personality

What the Pastor-Scholar Has in Common with an NBA Star | Pastoralized

Why Playing It Safe As A Pastor is The Riskiest Move You Will Make

Hypocritical Leadership | Keller Quotes

12 Ways to Know If You Are a Leader | Michael Hyatt

Risky Business (Part 1) | Out of Ur | Conversations for Ministry Leaders

Risky Business (Part 2) | Out of Ur | Conversations for Ministry Leaders

Seth Godin on the Difference Between Leadership and Management | Michael Hyatt

Top 10 biblical priorities for every pastor…revealed. | Practical Shepherding

7 Things the Church Expects from the Seminary | Everyday Theology

Spiritual Leadership May Be Heartbreaking, but It Is Always Hopeful – Desiring God

Reputation vs Character? According to John Wooden, We Should Choose Character | Donald Miller’s Blog

LeBron James and Celebrity Pastors | RPM Ministries

Elders: Lead! | 9Marks

Why We Need More ‘Chaplains’ and Fewer Leaders | Christianity Today

Leaders or Chaplins: A critique

Leaders or Chaplins: Mark Galli’s Reply

Top 10 Leadership Books for Pastors | Ron Edmondson

The One Essential Habit of Every Effective Leader | Michael Hyatt

Is Leadership a Biblical Category? : What’s Best Next

eJournal : The Obvious and Not-So-Obvious of Staff Management, Part 1 | 9Marks

eJournal : The Pastor and his Staff, Part 2 | 9Marks

Edwards: Many Who Mean Well Actually, Through Lack of Knowledge, Do Great Harm : What’s Best Next

The Introverted Leader |

The Leadership Principles of a Wanna Be Leader | The Cripplegate

Leadership from the Heart – Articles

Strawberry-Rhubarb Theology: Gospel Men

The Call to Ministry and the Leadership Moment – Desiring God

Drucker: Management is a Liberal Art, Directed Toward Effectiveness : What’s Best Next

A Second Interesting Paradox of Christian Leadership, Exemplified at the Global Leadership Summit : What’s Best Next

Pastoral Ministry and Wartime Thinking | Permanent Things

Transparency vs. Anonymity: Where Do You Stand? [INFOGRAPHIC & POLL]

5 Principles for Evangelical Leadership by Chris Larson | Ligonier Ministries Blog

Six Characteristics of Spiritual Leadership – Desiring God

Effemigate and Being a Man – Justin Taylor

The Tension Between Being Accessible and Being Available | Ron Edmondson

As a pastor, how do you avoid micromanaging your church? – Desiring God

Do Leaders Need to Be Holy? : Kingdom People

What should the elders do when they gather? | 9Marks

Seth Godin and Christian Leadership at Executing Ideas

How Do You Identify Future Pastors in Your Local Congregations? Am I Called? – Justin Taylor

Identifying Future Leaders and Preachers – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Leadership Qualities of Christian Husbands

Essential Qualities of a Mature Christian Husband and Father « The Christian Husband

Rise Up, O Men of God! – Student Leadership Journal –

Leadership Lessons From The Men and Women Who Serve our Nation – Thom Rainer

The Introverted Leader –

Leadership is Dead |

How do I identify future pastors/elders in the congregation? | Practical Shepherding

Advice to a New CEO (or to Any Leader)

Ministry Mulligans |

Charles Spurgeon On … Management? : What’s Best Next

Churches Need Good Leadership & Good Followship |

In Order to Truly Encourage Someone, You Also Have to Pay Attention and Listen : What’s Best Next

February Book Briefs – Kevin DeYoung

Not Lords, Stewards by Burk Parsons | Ligonier Ministries Blog

CanonWired » Blog Archive » Dave Kraft on Leadership

Put the Big Rocks in First : What’s Best Next

The Number One Way Leaders Get Derailed

Four Temptations Christian Leaders Face

How to Fill Church Jobs with Quality Leadership |

How Should Christians Think About Management? : What’s Best Next

How to Follow Well « Brad Lomenick

Spurgeon on Leadership Series « Between The Times

Why Leaders Cannot Afford to Be Easily Offended

High Crimes and Misdemeanors by Carl Trueman | Reformed Theology Articles at

Top 5 Books Read in 2010 – Desiring God

Above Reproach by John MacArthur | Reformed Theology Articles at

Why Jethro? The Wisdom of What God Doesn’t Say – Desiring God

What is More Important, Being a Ministry or Being a Business? « Gospel-Centered Musings

Training Christian Leaders: An Urgent Need – The Gospel Coalition Blog

The Seven Deadly Flaws of Carrots and Sticks : What’s Best Next

Addressing the Damaging Effects of Professionalism in the Local Church | Timmy Brister

How to Be an Effective Shepherd in Your Church – Justin Taylor

The Key to Peacemaking: A Passion for the Gospel – Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile

How Do You Take Criticism of Your Views? – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Organizing a Day of Silence and Solitude with God – Justin Taylor

The Four Ways to Configure a Desk : What’s Best Next

The Larger Context of Your Desk: How to Set Up Your Office : What’s Best Next

How to Set Up Your Desk: Basic Principles : What’s Best Next

Chuck Swindoll: 10 Leadership Lessons Learned in 50 Years of Leadership – Justin Taylor

On Grasshoppers and Email : What’s Best Next

The Marks of a Spiritual Leader :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library

Twitter as a Leadership Tool

When Servant Leadership Goes Wrong

Know Thy Time - Leadership Journal –

Bible-Balance in Christian Ministry | Desiring God

10 Ideas from Wise Leaders –

The 10 People in Every Church |

Are You Building Leaders? : Trevin Wax

Jenni Catron » Why Are Church Leaders Such Poor Managers?

Leader or Pastor?

Toxic Leaders in Our Ranks

Practices for Developing Younger Leaders

How Mark Dever Passes Out Authority – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Social Tools, Better Leadership | Leadership Journal

Does Your Leadership Reveal the Character of God? – Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile

Misunderstanding Servant Leadership

Leading From the Sandbox : The underbelly of hiring leaders in the Christian community

Not Tweeting? Repent! | Leadership Journal

The Crucial Body Part All Great Leaders Must Enhance | Fast Company

Cream from Al Mohler’s Book on Leadership | Counseling One Another

When Christians Fire Christians – Thom Rainer

Pastoral Bullies

The Tweeting Disciple | Leadership Journal

No Whiners : Kevin DeYoung

7 Deadly Sins Of Leadership | Big Is The New Small

Leadership as Stewardship (1) : Al Mohler

Leadership as Stewardship (2) : Al Mohler

Other Leadership Posts

21 Things Leaders Need To Stop Doing | Big Is The New Small

Four Lessons From the Best Bosses I Ever Had – Deborah Mills-Scofield – Harvard Business Review

The #1 Reason Leadership Development Fails – Forbes

We Wait Too Long to Train Our Leaders | Harvard Business Review

Fourteen Indispensable Leadership Quotes from Jim Collins

6 Habits of Extraordinary Bosses | Business |

First, Fire Thyself | TechCrunch

Betsy Myers On Barack Obama’s Most Potent Leadership Quality | Fast Company

Charismatic People Share These 10 Habits | Business |

John Edwards’ Biggest Mistake Was Lack Of Accountability, A Fatal Flaw For Leaders | Fast Company

8 Rules For Creating A Passionate Work Culture | Fast Company

The 21 Refutable Flaws of Leadership | The House Studio

Empathy Is The Most Powerful Leadership Tool | Fast Company

20 Essential TED Talks for Future Leaders | Online Universities

Learning The Softer Side Of Leadership | Fast Company

Prioritizing is Key to Becoming a Digital Leader / Today’s Chicago Woman

Seth’s Blog: The trap of social media noise

Top 50 Leadership Experts to Follow on Twitter

Top 150 Management & Leadership Blogs – Agile Management

Ruth Simmons of Brown University, on Amiable Leadership –

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently – Heidi Grant Halvorson – Harvard Business Review

5 Ways to Survive… Leader Road Kill

How To Set Smart Daily Goals :: Tips :: The 99 Percent

Why Introverts Can Make The Best Leaders –

Demystifying Mentoring – Amy Gallo – Best Practices – Harvard Business Review

What Does the Ideal Board Member Look Like?

Lab Rat: Do Your “Most Important Task” First? :: Tips :: The 99 Percent

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Delegate – Whitney Johnson – Harvard Business Review

Organizing from the Inside Out: Form a Plan of Attack for Lifelong Organization

Can’t Change Your Leader? Change How You Follow – Li Xin Bai – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

Be More Productive by Waking Up Early

Video: “Broken Meetings (and how you’ll fix them)” | 43 Folders

My Favorite Books for Bosses | Fast Company

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action | Video on

Use Your Leadership Presence to Inspire – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

The New 21st Century Leaders – Imagining the Future of Leadership – Harvard Business Review

Time Audit – How to do a time audit | Productivity501

Imagining the Future of Leadership – Harvard Business Review

The Abiding Tyranny of the Male Leadership Model — A Manifesto – Imagining the Future of Leadership – Harvard Business Review

What It Means to Lead with Presence | Fast Company

30 Habits that Will Change your Life

80 Ways to Steal Valuable Minutes for Your Work Day : Lifestyle :: American Express OPEN Forum

Routines, Systems, Spontaneity :: Tips :: The 99 Percent

The Top Ten Meeting Personalities | Premiere Global Services | Fast Company

Do We Celebrate the Wrong CEOs? – Conversation Starter –

12 Strategies for Leadership Success

Business Rules of Thumb / FrontPage

Jim Collins – Tools

Learn the five secrets of innovation –

Delegate Effectively by Skipping the How-To Session – Delegation – Lifehacker

Effective Scheduling – Time Management Training from

“Memorize Now” Helps You Commit Long Passages to Memory – memorization – Lifehacker

5 Powerful Lessons From Brain Rules – Freestyle Mind

Why I Hire People Who Fail – Jeff Stibel – Harvard Business Review 

Three Leadership Traits that Never Go Out of Style – Vineet Nayar – Harvard Business Review

Characteristics of Effective Teams: Stanford

3 bad things good leaders say. – Jon Acuff

Why So Many Leadership Programs Ultimately Fail « Peter Bregman

Leadership Wisdom from the Man ESPN Called the Greatest Coach of the 20th Century

Why Productive Teams Have 3 Kinds Of Diversity | Fast Company

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    Why do I believe that the Bible is God’s truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Why? Because of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ! Why do I believe in the resurrection? Why? Because it is a historical fact, recorded in the Bible. There are no living eye witnesses to the resurrection; I accept the historical record in the Bible, by faith.


    Most men accept that Hannibal was born in 247 B.C. and was considered the greatest military tactician and strategist in European history. Why do men believe this? There are no living eye witnesses, so the historical record is accepted, by faith.

    George Washington was the first president of the United States of America 1788-1797. Men accept this as fact, by faith, because of the historical record. There are no eye witnesses who are still alive.

    1 Corinthians 15:3-8 For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, 5 and that He appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. 6 After that He appeared to more than five hundred brethren at one time, most of whom remain until now, but some have fallen asleep; 7 then He appeared to James, then to all the apostles; 8 and at last of all, as to one untimely born, He appeared to me also.

    I believe the Bible to be God’s record for mankind. I believe it because of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. I accept this as accurate historical facts, by faith.





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