How abuse changes a child’s brain
Along similar lines: This is your brain without Dad. And, at last, hope of a blood test for mental illness.

White superiority, Majority ministers, and Minority contexts
I’m afraid that I identify too much with Ethan Seifried. Hoping to speak about this topic today at PRTS chapel. Here’s another challenge from Danny Slavich: Are you ready for our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural future?

What happens when you really disconnect?
Tony Schwartz assures us that if we can push through the pain barrier, there’s paradise on the other side.

Are you Counseling a Saint, Sufferer, or Sinner
Trevin Wax highlights some helpful distinctions from Mike Emlett’s book, Crosstalk.

Mental Illness and Medication
Ed Stetzer continues his helpful discussion of this difficult issue.

I’m just not wired that way
Marc Cortez on the blessings and challenges of being an introvert.