I previously linked to the Top 200 Online Preaching Resources, and the Top 200 Online Leadership Resources. Now, here’s the Top Online Counseling Resources. Usual disclaimer: Link does not imply full agreement or endorsement.

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A Ministry to Serve and Shepherd | Dave Jenkins

5 Definitions of Biblical Counseling | Bob Kellemen

One Definition of Christian Psychology | Phil Monroe

Why we “care” instead of “counsel” one another | Robert Cheong


12 Ways the Holy Spirit Energizes Discipleship Counseling | Paul Tautges

How God is good for the soul | Eric Johnson

Four Liberating Truths About God | Tim Chester


Scripture and Counseling Interview with Bob Kellemen(Part 1) (Part 2)

Sufficiency of Scripture and Psychotropic Medication | Bob Kellemen

Extrabiblical Books and Scripture’s Sufficiency | Tony Reinke

Marvin Olavksy on Journalism and the Six Classes of Knowledge | Trevin Wax


The Very Real Pain of “Imaginary” Illnesses | BBC

Overspiritualizing invisible wounds? | Phil Monroe

How can Christians Tell the Difference Between A Spiritual Issue and a Physical One? | Heath Lambert

Sorting Out the Spiritual and the Physical | Mike Emlet

A Christian Approach to & Nature vs. Nurture | Justin Taylor

Emotions: What does the Bible each? | Bib Kellemen 

Emotions: Why Do We Feel What We Feel? | Bob Kellemen

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Woefully and Tragically Fallen | Steve Cornell

How Abuse Changes a Child’s Brain | Wired Science

Imbalanced Theology Leads to Imbalanced Counseling | Todd Hardin


Thirteen Benefits of Church-Based Biblical Counseling |Robert Jones (Part One) (Part Two)

The Preacher, the Counselor, and the Congregation | Kevin DeYoung

Five Reasons I Love Church-Based Counseling | Pat Quinn

How to Counsel as a Friend | Jackie Knapp

Adultery and Counseling in the Local Church | Jonathan Holmes

Prayer Is a Great Place to Begin Biblical Counseling | David Powlison

The Local Church is THE place for Biblical Counseling | David Powlison

Baylor Study: Churches Blind to Mental Illness | Baylor University

 Do You Offer a Lab with Your Instruction? | Mark Shaw

Transformational Small Group Labs | Bob Kellemen

6 Benefits of the Weekly Training Meal | Steve Viars

How We Do Biblical Counseling Training in Our Congregation | Deepak Reju


In general, I follow Paul Tripp’s helpful schema of “Love, Know, Speak, Do” as found in his book, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands. However, I expand it considerably under each heading.

When your Counselee Confides Abuse | Julie Ganschow

11 Ways to Avoid a Lawsuit in Counseling | Steve Viars

Pastoral Care, Confidentiality, and Sexual Abuse | Matt Kapps

My Pastoral Confidentiality Policy | Tom Ascol


Counseling Relationships

Truth and Love: Sharing Scripture and Soul | Bob Kellemen

Five Portraits of a Biblical Counselor (Part One) | Bob Kellemen

Five Portraits of a Biblical Counselor (Part Two) | Bob Kellemen

The Blessing of Being Counseled by Someone You Know | Scott Mehl

Should Counselors Talk about Themselves? | Bob Kellemen

Is the Future of Counseling and Therapy Online? | Infographic

Preparing for Difficult Counselees | Todd Hardin

When Men Counsel Women | David Powlison and Nancy Guthrie

Cultural Sensitivity

The Culturally Competent Biblical Counselor | Victoria Mwongela


Winston Smith on Entering into the Emotions of Others | Phil Monroe

God’s Nouthetic Confrontation of Uncaring Shepherd | Bob Kellemen

Bob Kellemen series on Sympathy

Half Biblical Ministry to the Suffering
Counseling Without Loving Compassion
Mingling Our Sufferings and Sorrows
Job’s Miserable Counselors: How Not to Counsel
Climbing in the Casket: Rich Soul Empathy
5 Marks of Compassionate Biblical Counseling
4 Christlike Characteristics of a Biblical Comforter
Gospel Listening 
Listening to 5 Biblical Principles of Gospel Listening

How to Be a Miserable Comforter | Paul Tautges


David Powlison on Prayer and Counseling


Over-confidence? Under-Confidence? Assessing Counselor Tendencies | Phil Monroe


The Centrality of Hope in Counseling Biblically | Joshua Waulk

New Research Shows that Personalities Change | Charles Hodges

Counselors Need Hope Too | Ken Long

When Hope Hurts | Winston Smith


Counsel for the Counselor | Matt Capps



How God uses Questions in the Bible | Michael Kelley

20 Questions to Expose Your Idolatry | Paul Tautges

2 reasons why finding the root problem may not be a good goal for counselors | Phil Monroe


Six LISTENing Principles | Bob Kellemen

Telling Painful Memories: Recommendations for Counselors | Phil Monroe


Does your counselor have these two important skills? | Phil Monroe

Six Basic Struggles | Ed Welch

Winston Smith on Entering into the Emotions of Others | Phil Monroe

Shame, Fear, Guilt | Tim Challies

The Very Real Pain of “Imaginary” Illnesses | BBC


Are you counseling a Saint, Sufferer, or Sinner? | Trevin Wax

Avoiding a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Counseling | Trevin Wax

Gentle Answers #1: A Friend in Sin | Jared Olivetti

Gracious Candor: A Tutorial in Speaking the Truth in Love | Heath Lambert

Counseling Stories | Barry York

Dump-truck Counseling | Paul Tautges

How Not to Quote the Bible to Hurting People | Mike Emlet

Different Approaches for Different People (Pt. 1 of 2) | Paul Tautges

Different Approaches for Different People (Pt. 2 of 2) | Paul Tautges

D.A. Carson on how to avoid being pastorally insensitive and theologically stupid

More Things Not to Say to Those Who are Suffering | Ed Welch

4 Words that Give a Well-Rounded Picture of Counseling in the Church | Paul Tautges

How can Christians Tell the Difference Between A Spiritual Issue and a Physical One? | Heath Lambert

Journal : Sorting Out the Spiritual and the Physical | Mike Emlet

A Christian Approach to & Nature vs. Nurture | Justin Taylor

Your Heart Matters More Than Your History | Kevin DeYoung

More on “Can Your Body Make You Sin?” | Phil Monroe


The Gospel Grid | J. A. Meddors


A Healing Counselee is a Meditating Counselee | Todd Hardin


Counseled by Casting Crowns | Paul Tautges


Counseling and Worship | Terry Johnson

Some Thoughts on How to Provide Long Term Pastoral Care (Part 1)  (Part 2) | Tim Lane


Battle Plan | Tim Challies


How to win the war for your mind | Jeff Vanderstelt

A Free Bible Study on How to Change the Way You Think, Act, and Experience Life | David Powlison


What Are We Aiming At? | Pat Quinn

Church Discipline

The Pastor and Counseling: An interview with Jeremy Pierre


Accountability as a Lifestyle (Part 1Part 2Part 3)


The Pastor and Counseling: When to refer | Jesse Johnson

The Pastor and Counseling: An interview with Jeremy Pierre

Six Steps to Wise Decision-Making About Psychotropic Medications | Brad Hambrick

How can Christians Tell the Difference Between A Spiritual Issue and a Physical One? | Heath Lambert


When do you Stop Counseling? | Deepak Reju


6 Steps to Wise Decision Making About Psychotropic Medications | Brad Hambrick

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    When we learn why we do the things we do, we are able to focus on healing our wounds and changing our own behaviors. We will then begin to grow, mature, develop true character, and develop healthy relationships. Life Skills will give you the information and tools you need to reach your fullest potential in any area of your life, including personal relationships. We will help you break the cycle of family issues that go from generation to generation. Watch the video and hear from the founder of Life Skills, Dr. Paul Hegstrom.

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