Sermonic Echoes
Barry York with four ways to make sermons echo in our hearts and around the world after they’ve been preached.

Brain Malfunction verses Mental Illness
Paul Tautges has a go at helping us find better language for some mental/emotional disorders.

Is it time to overcome our cultural elitism?
“Let us get out from behind our cultural elitism and instead look firmly forward toward a vision of a church that is made up of all nations, all tongues and from every tribe.  Accents of all kinds are welcome here.  Workers from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds are invited to join us in building healthy gospel centered churches in Scotland’s poorest communities.  The gospel destroys every dividing line.”

Responding to sexual brokenness in our churches and families
Some horrific stats here. And grace.

Christians, Mickey Mouse, and Baseball
Jason Helopoulos with a bullet-point theology of pleasure

The Threat of Gospel Amnesia
Here’s a great extract from a book I’m looking forward to reviewing in the next week or so. It begins: “I used to be a Christian who didn’t think about Jesus. I was bored with him. I remember telling my husband one day that I was tired of hearing him say, “Jesus loves you, Luma.” It all seemed trite and superficial. I wanted, I needed, something deeper.”

5 Tools Needed to Reach Today’s Teens