Shepherds as Pastor-Theologians
Loved the last two sentences: “That’s why in our Systematic Theology department, we have pastors doing theology, living theology. Most are pastors of local congregations and thus exhibit the desired paradigm: pastor-theologians training pastor-theologians.”

Philanthropist Joe Segal: A Passion for Helping
What an inspiring and cheering story about a rags-to-riches millionaire who is now channeling his wealth into the very unglamorous field of mental health care.

The Builders of this Spanish Skyscraper Forgot the Elevator
Isn’t there a Bible verse about this somewhere. Luke 14:28 maybe?

Don’t worry, I’m not about to try this next Sunday. But I was still deeply moved and challenged by Greg Lucas’s article about how his autistic son, Jake, not only applied the pastor’s sermon on giving each other a holy kiss, but showed how indispensable each part of the body of Christ is.

Fasting in an Age of Fast Food
Thorough yet brief treatment of fasting from Danny Hyde.

From One Sentence to the Next
I watched this incredibly powerful film with my family at the weekend, then led my family in confession of sin, and in covenanting before God to never again use our phones in any way while driving.

  • James

    That skyscraper reminds me of a sermon on the righteousness that God requires in which the preacher leaves out Christ.

    In Whitefield’s words, “‘Works! Works! A man get to heaven by works! I would as soon as think of climbing to the moon on a rope of sand! How willingly would I live forever to preach Christ, but I die to be with Him’”

    • David Murray

      Good comparison James.