What’s a blog post worth?
Rob Jenkins: “Which ultimately does more good—an article or monograph that is read by 20 or 30 people in a very narrow field, or a blog post on a topic of interest to many (such as grading standards or tenure requirements) that is read by 200,000?”

I’m 13 and none of my friends use Facebook
The cutting edge gets blunt so quickly today.

The Amalekite Genocide
John Allister: “One of the standard ways that the New Atheists attack Christianity is by using some of the Old Testament war passages to argue that God is violent and petty.”

6 Areas Where Biblical Counselors are Growing
Sometimes growth is so slow it’s not noticed. Bob Kellemen’s post helps us to see the big picture of the biblical counseling movement, and it’s encouraging.

Living with guilt
The Gospel helps Kara Dedert battle guilt over whether she had some responsibility for her precious son’s brain damage.

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    Better drop the link here to the article about Dropbox for photos. The images of his organization scheme have some disturbing sexual epithets etc.

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      Thanks David. I never saw that. It’s gone.