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The timeline of today’s podcast is as follows:

0:44 Quote of the week

1.02 Book of the Week

2:11 Sermon of the week: Getting Out by Tim Keller

2:29 Blog of the Week: Jesus and the Old Testament in John 3:1-15.

3:18 Question 1: In your new book you say that angels were created in the first 6 days. Do you have scripture to prove this?

4:32 Question 2: Thanks for your book , recently purchased it and it has been helpful. My question to you is that’s pretty easy to connect the ark and Jesus together; however, would you go into saying that Noah is a type of Christ ?

6.51 Commentary recommendations: Exodus

Saved for God’s Glory by Phil Ryken

Exodus by John L Mackay.

Exodus by John Currid

The Message of Exodus by Alec Motyer

8:15 Free as a bird! Leviticus 14

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  • Michael Baldwin

    Thanks for the podcast! I really appreciate seeing a more in depth case study using the principles from the book.

    My question is about the book of Judges- how would you go about preaching Christ from there? In particular people like Jephthah who do very stupid things (make a foolish vow and sacrifce your daughter) and don’t seem to be a type of Christ.