Sinclair Ferguson Announced as Dean of Ligonier D.Min Program
An excellent program just got even better.

Report on Rosaria Butterfield’s Lecture as USF
The Lord mightily helped in extremely difficult circumstances.

Pastoring Your Family
Good advice for pastors from Jason Helopoulos.

Four Books for Would-be Writers
I’d add William Zinsser On Writing Well.

The Christward Collective
Some fine recent posts here. The Power of a Preface: Packer on Owen by David Filson, One Glorious Ambition by Tim Brister, and What Would Jesus Drink? by Nick Batzig.

Is Your Girl Drowning in Busyness?
“We all get 168 hours each week. Between school, sports, and friends, girls are spending eighty hours of that time. Add in some time for sleep, and 133 hours are gone. Now factor in family time, involvement in church, and time for fun, and we’re well past 168 hours.”