Inventor of MOOCs has Second Thoughts
This is a must read for anyone involved in education. Looks like neither teachers nor students have found the Promised Land after all. (HT: Owen Strachan). On a similar subject here’s another article about how Seminaries are trying to use distance learning without losing their ethos.

God Glorifying Social Media
Three simple tips. And if you’re thinking of quitting social media, read why this might be a losing proposition.

10 Steps to Preach from an iPad
Tim Challies outlines his method.

Did God Punish the Philippines With Typhoon Yolanda
PRTS alumnus and native of the Philippines, Brian Najapfour, discusses the recent tragedy that devastated his homeland.

He said he was leaving. She ignored him.
This is a powerful story about one woman’s counter-cultural reaction to her husband’s request for a divorce, and in the process saved their marriage and family.

7 Signs Your Church is Making Inroads with Unchurched People
Challenging post.