Christians love to name their children after biblical characters, especially those of outstanding spiritual strength, beauty, or fruitfulness.

Go through any church and you’ll find lots of Davids, Peters, Pauls, Matthews, Marks, Johns, etc. And among the ladies, multiple Sarahs, Rachels, Marys, Ruths, Rebeccas, Leahs, Lydias, etc.

But there’s one woman’s name you won’t find anywhere. Which is passing strange because she’s the only woman in the Bible who:

  • Is named in the Messiah’s genealogy (Matt. 1:5), and
  • Is praised for her faith (Heb. 11:31), and
  • Is praised for her works (James 2:25).

She also had the most incredible conversion story, being saved from a totally pagan community and a completely immoral life, she performed some of the bravest actions in the Bible, and she raised one of the godliest sons in Israel’s history (Boaz).

What’s her name?


Probably the most commended woman in the whole Bible.

But few if any want to name a daughter after her.

Why not?

Is there too much grace in her story?

Or too little faith in our hearts?

  • Marcia

    Most parents realize that having a freakish name is not an asset, which is the most likely reason they wouldn’t name their daughter Rahab. Taste is personal, but I happen to think it has a rather homely ring to it. Also, consider that it is very often said as, “Rahab the harlot.”
    This is interesting:
    Sure makes you glad your mother and father named you David, doesn’t it?

    • David Murray

      Yes, David the adulterer, polygamist, and murderer!

      • Marcia

        Agreed, but none of those tags is commonly said with it. David is a lovely name, commonly used both in NA and the UK. Maybe I’m somewhat partial to it, as it happens to be my husband’s name, too.

  • John

    Did you name your daughter, Rahab? I don’t think it is a matter of there being too much grace in her story, or too little faith on our part. It is the fact that her name is connected with her past profession.

  • Mark

    I know a lovely young Christian woman named Rahab. She is a beautiful picture of God’s grace.

  • A D Raines

    There was recently a baby Rahab baptized in our church. I thought it was a beautiful name and a great reminder of our heritage and God who calls all His covenant people out of darkness and into the light.

  • Ryan

    This question isn’t really all that pertinent to your post however, I have decided to ask it anyway.

    What is your opinion on the interpretation of Hebrews 11:31 and James 2:25 that says the NT authors are praising or are at the very least approving of her lying to the kings men?

  • Elliot

    Yes, but how many Enochs do you know? (I happen to know one, but that’s not the point.)