A Letter to the Family of my ICU Patient
A nurse’s perspective on the stress of working in ICU and her easily misunderstood coping mechanisms.

Proverbial Maturity
Rebecca Vandoodewaard plunders Proverbs for the marks of Christian maturity: “Even as we see our own immaturity, God gives us a desire for maturity and the Spirit’s power to make progress in it as we live in this world, so that we can live as mature Christians in a profoundly immature age.”

Mortifying the Fear of Academic Books
Jared Oliphant trues to persuade us to read bigger books: “If you can clear the fog of fear and hesitation hovering over academic books, you might find an unexpected depth and richness between the pages. Heavy theological reading will never take the place of a heart-gripping novel or a devotional full of soaring words of worship. But a rich read can often add color, dimension, and vibrancy to your Christian walk and give those devotionals a few more volts.”

One Small Change: Sunday Rest
One Christian’s long struggle to maintain a weekly day of rest through school and motherhood.

Losing the Horror of Hell
Despite working in a hospice, Christopher Bogosh fears he has lost a sense of the horror of hell. Searching his heart, he’s come up with two explanations.

Four Characteristics of Control Freaks
Written by a recovering control freak

Remembering Sam Berns
One word – Kleenex.