After ten years of suppressing grief and anger about the death of her mother, Sue suddenly fell into a deep depression. Hospitalized and mentally fragile, Sue began a long road to recovery. Her story shows the power of the Gospel and how God used this painful experience to deepen Sue’s spirituality and make her a brighter witness for Christ.

Study Guide Questions for Sue’s Story (Word/PDF)

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  • Anita G.

    I really thank you for putting out these films. I think they’ve done a lot of good, and I have high hopes for their usefulness in the future. In my neck of the woods, with the release of the films, there has been a lot more discussion about depression.
    Your own words regarding the use of medication was a very well balanced approach to an often ‘sticky’ topic. I deeply appreciated these insights as I found you were very clear in the words you used and indeed, also very encouraging.
    May the Lord continue to bless your labours.

  • Lois Gordon

    Dr. Murray, I have to ditto what my daughter in law has commented. There is a lady in our church that I will be introducing to these sessions shortly. At present she is reading your booklet and then we are going to discuss it. I pray your sessions and booklet can help her. As for myself, I have periods of depression which I totally feel are due to thinking of self and my ailments with aging, my lack of mobility and lack of usefulness to anyone in life, anymore. I have to dwell on God.