The Porn-Free Family Plan
What a gift from Tim Challies.

Women First At The Tomb
Why this matters historically and theologically.

What 10 Books Did Your Teenagers Read As Part Of Their HomeSchool Education?
R. C. Sproul Jr. answers.

Are Christians In America Persecuted?
Kevin DeYoung: The short answer is “Yes, all the time.” The not as short answer is: “Yes, Christians in America are persecuted, but not as frequently, consistently, or with nearly the intensity that Christians are persecuted in many other parts of the world.”

Please Don’t Make My Funeral All About Me
Nancy Guthrie: “We were an hour and fifteen minutes in to today’s funeral before anyone read from the scriptures, and further in until there was a prayer. Resurrection wasn’t mentioned until the benediction.”

When Was The Last Time You Had Fun?
What a great question to ask.

World’s Toughest Job
So well done. Watch it! Mute one swear at 3.12. Mine is awesome too!