We’ve been hearing a lot recently about the “40 Days of Lent” where people give up something and/or spend focused time on studying Christ’s death to spiritually prepare for Easter Friday.

Well, how about “50 Days of Resurrection”? 

RisenThat’s Steven Mathewson’s proposal in Risen: 50 Reasons Why the Resurrection Changed Everything. He thinks that “we often pay less attention to the resurrection than to the death of Christ” and he’s out to redress the balance.

He’s written  short book of only 100 or so pages that’s been designed to be read as a book of 50 daily devotions on the resurrection – suitable for about age 15 upwards.

I must say, I was both instructed and edified by every chapter. I did not realize there was so much teaching in the Bible on the resurrection or so much practical application either. Preachers, you’ve basically got 50 resurrection texts here – have at it!

But for all believers, here are 50 motivations to begin living a “resurrection life” now. I was inspired even by just the contents pages which listed the 50 reasons why Christ’s resurrection changes everything. The cumulative effect of these 50 chapter headings is so inspiring and empowering.

Best of all, it’s only $2.99 today for the Kindle version!