China On Course To Become World’s “Most Christian Nation” Within 15 Years
Almost enough to make me post-mill.

US is An Oligarchy Not a Democracy
OK, this is a bit rich coming from the home of constitutional monarchy, but this is a sobering and solemn reminder of the present state of American government.

Rugged Individuals: Revival of American Calvinism
According to this post, maybe the answer to America’s government problems is the rugged individualism of New Calvinism.

Why Homosexuality is Not Like Other Sins
Superb article by Jonathan Parnell.

Explaining Hard Things to Our Children
Christina Fox: “One day, my 7-year-old overheard talk about same-sex marriage on the news. On another occasion, I had to explain abortion and euthanasia. Then there was the time I had to break the news about a dear friend waging a battle against cancer. For many of these talks, I was unprepared. They came before I thought my children were ready.”

11 Alternatives To The Traditional 4-Year College (HT: Trevin Wax). 
“We’ve highlighted 10 very legitimate options to consider after high school. Some of them can lead to lifetime careers, and some of them are seen more as transition periods to decide life’s next steps — whether that’s ultimately to go on to college or to take another path. Either way, they should be considered right along with 4-year colleges for every high schooler out there struggling to try to figure out what to do next.”

Amazing Grace by Amazing Bagpipes
I dare anyone to watch this and deny there will be bagpipes in heaven. Amazing Grace starts at 2.37. Hope my Macbook Air is water resistant.

  • Adrian

    I’m sorry David, but while I was playing the bagpipes video I read out your comment about bagpipes in heaven to my wife and she said that this cannot be possible, because we’re assured that there will be no more crying or pain in heaven! :-)

    • David Murray

      She must be English, is she?