One of the hardest books to preach from, and perhaps the hardest to preach Christ from, is the book of Proverbs. Most preachers just leave it well alone. Here are some of the best articles I’ve found over the years that I hope will encourage more Gospel-centered ministry from this neglected book.

The True Identity of Lady Wisdom is…?

The Wisdom of the Son (Seeing Christ in the Proverbs)

Preaching Christ in the Proverbs

Does Proverbs Speak of Jesus?

The Pastoral Implications of Foolish Speech in the Book of Proverbs

Proverbs Can Hit the Gospel Notes

The Problem of Proverbs

Preaching Proverbs (1): Epilogues and Exhaustion?

Preaching Proverbs (2): Persons Present and Powerful

Preaching Proverbs (3): Full-length Single Saying Sermons

Preaching Proverbs (4): Sayings and Sermons

Preaching Proverbs (5): Random Thoughts

Reading Proverbs Wisely v Harmfully

Seeing Jesus in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job

Preaching Wisdom

The Wisdom of Solomon and the Greater Glories of Christ

The Dramatic Structure of Proverbs

Proverbial Maturity

How Do We Preach Christ From The Genre of Wisdom?

Preaching Wisdom: Part 1 (click on links to advance through the following posts)

Where Wisdom Can Be Found: Preaching Jesus from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job

Wisdom Christology: An Interview with Dan Ebert

Old Testament Wisdom Literature

The Beginning and End of Wisdom

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that greatest living scholar on Proverbs, Dan Phillips, is presently preaching his way through the book in the series: God’s Revolutionary Wisdom. See also his wonderful book below: God’s Wisdom in Proverbs.

Best Gospel-Centered Books on Proverbs

Here are the best Christ-centered books on the subject. These are topical more than verse-by-verse exegetical/commentary style.

  • Greg Terry

    Dr. Murray,
    Thank you so much for these lists you have been sharing. They are wonderful resources. Please keep them coming!

  • AndyB

    Have you read this or can recommend it on Proverbs? Preaching “Christ from Proverbs” by Jonathan Akin?

  • Michael Sanelli

    Hi David, thanks for the website and books. Quick question, at the bottom of this post you mention “here are the best Christ-centered books on the subject” but then I don’t see a list of books.

    • David Murray

      Strange, because I can see them. Try on another computer.