Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say
“Americans with four-year college degrees made 98 percent more an hour on average in 2013 than people without a degree. That’s up from 89 percent five years earlier, 85 percent a decade earlier and 64 percent in the early 1980s.”

Were Christians Right About Gay Marriage All Along
Offensive picture at the top of this article and pretty offensive content too, but if you want to know what gay marriage advocates want next, this article will forewarn and forearm you.

Race, Diversity And God’s Glory: A Conversation with Trillia Newbell
And in a related post, Voddie Baucham discusses whether churches should make diversity their highest goal.

Catholic Ob/Gyns: Leave Britain Or Else
The culture of death and religious intolerance progresses in Britain.

The Key Points In Mary Meeker’s Annual (And Prophetic) Internet Trends Presentation
164 info-packed slides.

Man Drives Over a Million Miles To Save 2000 Dogs
Amazing, but I know of someone else who travelled far further to save millions of dying people from hell.