Pastors, You Make Your Own Sandwich
Hearty Amen to this article that challenges pastors to stop whining.

Never Teach A Class Outdoors And Other Key Lessons I’ve Learned
Some funny lessons for teachers.

The Deathlessness Of Paper
Rod Dreher says that predictions about the death of physical books have been greatly exaggerated and explains why.

Beach Books For Children and Teens with a summer reading list for kids up to 12 years old.

Stop Reading Your Email And Start Acting On It
“You don’t go to your physical mailbox take out the mail, open a few pieces of it, and then stuff it back in there. The same should apply to your email inbox. Only go there when you are ready to act upon your email. If you open a message, act on it. Resist the urge to simply close it and leave it be.”

American Strong: Blind Pole Vaulter Soars Past The Odds