I was recently preparing a conference address for pastors on using social media in ministry. When I looked up my online bookmarks on the subject I found I’d accumulated over 40 posts by different authors on using social media for ministry purposes. I’ve listed them below, but first here are links to previous lists of online resources in different categories:

You may also want to look at my list of Top 10 Books On Using Technology.

Top 40 Online Resources on Using Social Media In Ministry

Facebook and the call to ministry

A digital dictionary for leaders

10 digital commandments

The Christian Leader in the Digital Age

Leading Distracted People

10 Tips for Leaders who Don’t Want to Become Self-Promoting Jerks Online

Twitter as a Leadership Tool

Social Tools, Better Leadership

Not Tweeting? Repent!

A Post-website World

The Tweeting Disciple

The Discipline of Secrecy and the Joy of Honoring Others

Social Media and Christian Ministry: Reaching the World for the Kingdom of God

Using Social Media in Your Church

7 Ways to Think Differently About Your Church Social Media Content

4 Things a Pastor Should Consider Before Engaging Social Media

7 Ways Social Media Makes Pastoring More Difficult

Facebook Etiquette: Why Quitting Social Media Is a Losing Proposition

What Your Facebook Updates Say About You, Your Faith, and Your Mental Health

Five Questions We Should Ask Ourselves Before Posting on Social Media

Don’t Let Social Media Destroy Your Marriage

Why Pastors Should Blog

The Dangers of Online Christianity

Pastors: #rethink your Instagram

Pondering a Digital Future

The Plastic Fruit of Online Living

The Digital World Of Teens

The Pastor’s Guide to Blogging

A web of wisdom

A Social Media Heart Check

The 6 Essential Social Media Skills of Leaders

Using Common Media for Church Growth

12 Social Media Tips For Church Leaders

Social Media Changes Everything

Your Best Image Now

Posting Strategy for Social Media

The Best Social Media Tip I Can Give You

Facebook, Privacy and Marital Oneness

The Ultimate List of Social Media Policies for Churches & Ministries

Social Media Best Practices

The Perils and Promise of Social Media by Collin Hansen

Social Media and Digital Discernment

Social Media: Blessing or Curse?