Three Scenes In Christian Adoption Circles
Honest and challenging article.

50 Resources For Equipping The Church on Same Sex Marriage
Remember when you had to wait over a month for Christian periodicals to comment on current events and provide resources for the church. In urgent times like these I’m so thankful for the Internet.

A Theology Of Singleness
I agree with Justin that one of the things that “the gay-marriage debate has revealed is that many evangelicals do not have a robust theology of singleness.” Here are a couple of videos to help change that. Here’s an article I wrote, 12 Struggles Singles Face.

Exegetical Tools Quarterly
This looks like a promising resource. “Includes our categories of book reviews, featured resources, new books, research resources, and will also include our posts on current issues. The result is a convenient and extensive collection of reviews and write-ups on all the latest resources that will equip you for exegesis, languages, theology, ministry, and more”

Okay, David Brooks, Which Culture War Should We Fight
 love the way Joe Rigney finishes this article: “I’ve been reading my Bible, and from what I can tell, God loves cliffhangers, last-minute saves, and eucatastrophes. After all, when they had the Lord surrounded on one particular Friday, he had them right where he wanted them.”

Healthy 24-Year-Old Granted Right To Die In Belguim
Doctors in Belgium are granting a healthy 24-year-old woman who is suffering from depression the right to die, as she qualifies for euthanasia, even though she does not have a terminal or life-threatening illness.

Kindle Books

Apologetics for the Twenty-first Century by Louis Markos $4.99

Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air by Francis Beckwith and Gregory Koukl $4.99

If you bear in mind that Beckwith is a Roman Catholic and Koukl an evangelical, you should be able to read this book safely. It’s not an apology for Roman Catholicism, but a devastating analysis and critique of our relativistic culture.

A Defence of Calvinism by C H Spurgeon $0.99.

Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions: And Advice to Young Converts by Jonathan Edwards $2.99.

Recommended New Book

Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion by Os Guinness $9.99.

Here’s a book for the times: “Following the tradition of Erasmus, Pascal, G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, Malcolm Muggeridge and Peter Berger, Guinness demonstrates how apologetic persuasion requires both the rational and the imaginative. Persuasion is subversive, turning the tables on listeners’ assumptions to surprise them with signals of transcendence and the credibility of the gospel.”


Limb-itless: Pilot Born Without Arms Defies All Odds

Use this to shrink your problems and silence your complaints.

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