Professors and the New Public Sphere | Thomas Kidd
Anyone interested in teaching should read this.

And Now You Know the Rest of the Story | Ligonier: Eric Bancroft
Five steps to guide group Bible studies.

Crushed | TGC: Nancy Guthrie
Nancy Guthrie writes a letter to Christian women who have abortions in their past.

God Doesn’t Need my Kid to Defeat the Odds | En Route: Kara Dedert
“It is morning and Calvin is coughing–his lungs are full after a night of sleep. Deliverance hasn’t come from our circumstances. But God doesn’t need Calvin to beat the odds in order to prove his goodness, faithfulness, power and salvation. Our weakness is precisely what he is using to show his power and presence.”

Talking to Children About God’s Plan for Sexuality | Ligonier: Nate Shurden
“Let’s face it. It’s difficult speaking with our children about matters of sexuality. For starters, we’re nervous when bringing up the subject due to the sensitive nature of the material. When the subject surfaces, our minds often go blank and we fumble for words. Once the words come out, we usually say the wrong thing, or say it in the wrong way. It feels like we can’t win for losing.”

Who Do You Call After Domestic Violence | Justin Holcomb
Justin makes a good case for calling the police then the pastor. And some of the stats in this article are horrifying. And here’s another on How Pastors Can Best Help Victims of Domestic Abuse.

Ten Proposed Commandments for Christian Parenting | TGC: Jason Helopoulos
And here’s Mark Jones on Rewarding our Children for Obedience.

Welcome to the Grand Age of Apologetics | Christianity Today
Interview with Os Guinness.

Kindle Books

Suburbianity by Byron Yawn $2.99

And a couple of highly regarded historical biographies.

John Quincy Adams: American Visionary by Fred Kaplan $1.99.

Franklin by Thomas Fleming $2.99.

Book Recommendations

My wife can’t stop reading (and talking about) the new series of Bitesize Biographies published by EP. Here are the ones she’s read so far.

Francis Schaeffer by Mostyn Roberts $4.99.
John Knox by John Murray.
Matthew Henry by Philip Eveson
Zachary Macaulay by Faith Cook

And here are many others for your consideration.


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