When Does Your Religion Legally Excuse You From Doing Part of Your Job? | Washington Post: Eugene Volokh
Bookmark this one. You will probably need it.

The Next Front on the War on Religious Freedom | David Harsanyi

Trump, The Power of Positive Thinking, and American Evangelicalism | Cameron Fowler Laberge

Pastor-Scholar? Not Likely | Ref 21: Mark Jones
“The so-called pastor-scholar…This is a term I’m starting to feel a little suspicious about, especially if the words “pastor” and “scholar” are not going to be diluted regarding their meaning or compromised regarding the quality demanded of each job.”

I Don’t Want to be a Groupie | The Upward Call: Kim Shay
Here are Kim’s six suggestions to prevent you becoming a Christian Groupie.

Thinking of Having an Affair? Count the Cost | Michael Hyatt
nd here’s Russell Moore on Ashley Madison is Just the Beginning.

A Triage For Marriage Conflicts | ACBC: Matthew Haste
“Just as Christian thinkers need a theological triage to sort through their doctrines, Christian couples need a moral triage to sort through their conflicts….In this series, we will set forth a moral triage based on four categories found in the Scriptures: sin, wisdom, conscience, and preference.”

An In-depth Interview With Vern Poythress on Biblical Theology and Christ in the Old Testament | Justin Taylor
Well worth study and meditation.

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On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision by William Lane Craig $0.99. (25o reviews on Amazon).

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Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ (Equipping Biblical Counselors) by Bob Kellemen $12.99.


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