Scandal: U.S. Christian Groups Prioritize Muslim Refugees over Christian Ones. Here’s Why | Faith McDonnel, The Stream
“Their plight involves a nightmarish catch-22. When Christians flee as refugees they cannot go to UN-run refugee camps because there they face the same persecution and terror from which they fled. If they are not in the refugee camps they are not included in the application process for asylum.”

20 Principles for How Christians Should Relate to Muslims (John Piper Summary) | Justin Taylor, TGC
Justin points us to John Piper’s post-9/11 paper (as timely as ever) on relating to other religions.

What Phubbing Does to Your Relationships | Kyle Jaeger, attn:
“Phubbing” = Phone Snubbing

Don’t Follow Your Heart (New Book) | Jon Bloom, Desiring God
“This creed can sound so simple and beautiful and liberating. It’s a tempting gospel to believe. Until you consider that your heart has sociopathic tendencies.”

Shepherding Women: What Boundaries Must Be Maintained? | Thabiti and Kristie Anyabwile, The Front Porch
Podcast discussion.

The Good Unwanted Gift of Singleness | Katelynn Luedke, Desiring God

PCA Pastors, Remember Your Vows | MOS – Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
And all other pastors too.

New Book

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Sin: The Disease and Its Cure by Iain D. Campbell ($7.99).

Kindle Deals

Simplify by Joshua Becker ($0.99)

10-Minute Digital Declutter: The Simple Habit to Eliminate Technology Overload by S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport ($0.99)

American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal by Taya Kyle with Jim DeFelice ($1.99)

The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5 by Taylor Pearson ($0.99 until November 20). This one’s for my entrepreneur friends.


JetPack Aviation
Now this brings out the inner teen in me. “Unlike other jetpack prototypes, the JB-9 is powered by a real jet engine and is capable of a vertical take-off and landing. According to the designers, the ultimate goal is to create a jetpack that can launch a pilot thousands of feet in the air within a matter of seconds. Though the JB-9 is still in the testing phase, work has already begun on the JB-10. JetPack Aviation promises that its next version will lift the pilot 10,000 feet in the air and travel at 100 mph.”