My Dad just became a blogger! Aged 77!! I think you could call him a late adopter. He was 47-years-old before he sensed God’s call to the ministry and started three years of Seminary (after working for 25 years as a dentist). So, I’m guessing he’ll probably join Facebook when he’s about 99.

Seriously though, I couldn’t have had a better Dad, and I’m delighted he’s doing this after retiring from 25 years of faithful pastoring. It’s a great way for him to keep his mind sharp and to share some of what God has taught him over many years of consistent Christian living. If you click on over to, you’ll find that everything he writes is thoughtful, careful, and rooted in his love of Scripture. He’s always had a beautiful passion for communicating profound truths simply and accessibly, which I’m sure you’ll appreciate. Why not leave him a comment to encourage him? Here are some of his early articles: