The smug style in American liberalism | Emmet Rensin, Vox
“There is a smug style in American liberalism. It has been growing these past decades. It is a way of conducting politics, predicated on the belief that American life is not divided by moral difference or policy divergence – not really – but by the failure of half the country to know what’s good for them.”

7 Questions About Transgender People, Answered | The Federalist
“What social science research we have on transgender people and gender dysphoria is limited, but it does not support the agenda of trans activists.”

Themelios 41.1 | Brian Tabb, TGC
“The Gospel Coalition just released the April 2016 issue of Themelios, which has 208 pages of editorials, articles, and book reviews. It is freely available in three formats: (1) PDF, (2) web version, and (3) Logos Bible Software. A print edition will be available for purchase in several weeks from Wipf and Stock.”

Should Christians Cremate Their Loved Ones? | John Piper, Desiring God
“My proposal in this article is that Christian churches be willing to help families financially with simple Christ-exalting funerals and burials, so that no Christian is drawn to cremation because it’s cheaper.”

My Answer to the Question ‘What Does Autism Feel Like?’ | Lori Sealy, The Mighty
“My hope is that this will help you understand a bit more about life with autism, and that as your understanding increases so will your heart for those who are hurting — no matter how they hurt.”

5 Writing Rules to Energize Your Prose | Justin Taylor, TGC

6 Free Resources for Teaching Gospel-Centered Counseling & Gospel Conversations | Bob Kelleman, RPM Ministries

New Book

Your Days Are Numbered: A Closer Look at How We Spend Our Time & the Eternity Before Us by John Perritt.

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What You Should Know About Suicide in America | TGC