From a recent email: “I’d like to do a bit of studying on the Song of Songs with the hope of preaching our Divine Bridegroom to the church I’m part off. Are there books/material that you could point me to that are specifically Christological in their approach/exegesis/exposition?”

First of all, I’d recommend the following books:

Song of Songs by Richard Brooks.

Song of Songs: A Biblical-Theological, Allegorical, Christological Interpretation by Jim Hamilton. Here’s my commendation of this book:

This beautifully written book of sound Christ-centered biblical exposition and skillful personal application, will not only strengthen and heal many marriages, but will also draw many Christians into a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of their marriage to Christ. Unlike most books on the Song of Songs, this one will make you sing!

The Song of Solomon: An Invitation to Intimacy by Douglas Sean O’Donnell. More of a sermonic commentary. Not quite so Christological as the previous two books.

Royal Company: A Devotional on the Song of Solomon by Malcolm Maclean.

There are also a couple of older books that I consult (Burrows and Durham), but I dial them back a bit because at points they over-spiritualize, they go a too far in their allegorizing.

Here’s my lecture on Song of Solomon from my Old Testament Introduction course. Plus, I’d recommend the final chapter on my book Jesus on Every Page.

Lastly, here are some articles I’ve bookmarked over the years:

  • Lizzy

    I would add Mike Reeves on the Song of Songs–he has a series “The Love of Christ”, based on Richard Sibbes