Why Gospel Diversity Means More—Though Not Less!—Than Ethnic Diversity
“They go on to define “diversity” as “any multiplicity of backgrounds where unity is possible only through the gospel.” I found their reminders helpful—not as a way of downplaying or distracting from an emphasis on ethnic diversity, but as a way to build upon it. In other words, we should pray for more diversity, not less.”

Shatter Your Kid-Centered Kingdom
“When we forego what our culture deems best and instead chase God’s best, it is in fact our kids’ best. When we serve God and not our children, our children actually benefit.”

“Should I Force My Teen to Go to Church?”
R C Sproul answers: “I would encourage you to make it a special point of concern to do everything in your power to get your kids to church and to make it an attractive time for them rather than a bad experience.”

5 Pastoral Emergencies That Aren’t Emergencies
What’s a pastor to do with the seemingly endless emergencies? “One step you can take is to decide whether something is actually an emergency. Just because it’s an emergency to them doesn’t mean it has to be an emergency for you.”

10 Indicators You’ve Stopped Growing as a Leader
“Leaders who stop growing lose their edge as a leader. They become stale, even if others may not readily recognize it. See if your life reflects any of these indications that you’ve stopped growing as a leader:”

The End of the World As We Know It: An Infographic – Tim Challies
Clear and simple presentation of the main millennial views.

The Cheap Way to Bless Your Pastor | TGC
“So as budget time rolls around, consider the cheapest way to bless your pastor and your congregation: make sure the minister has enough time to rest, read, and recharge.”

Remembering the Attributes of God in Counseling
“How do the attributes of God shape your counseling? Are there certain attributes that have been particularly helpful? How can we show our counselees more of the character of God as we meet together? How can spending time meditating on the attributes of God benefit our own souls as we seek to care for others?”

Why You Get Distracted at Work
“There are things we can do to buck the trend. We can put our phones away, use apps to shut off social media during work hours, and turn our phones off at dinner time. But a mechanical fix is just a Band-Aid. Most of us have a real problem with concentration. Until we are willing to take a hard look at how and why we are driving ourselves to distraction, it’s going to be hard to find the focus that we so badly need.”

Six Benefits of Ordinary Daily Devotions | Desiring God
“Your devotions may have seemed ordinary today, but God is making something extraordinary through it. Press on. Don’t short-change the process.

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Too Good to Be True by Michael Horton $3.99.

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Running on Empty: The Gospel for Women in Ministry by Barbara Bancroft $1.59.