Digital technology is not only killing our mindsour healthour relationships, and our productivity, it’s also killing our souls.

Digital Technology is Killing our Self-Control

The Great Disconnect: MegaHERTZ to MegaHURTS by Michael Wolff and Bradley Bridges.

Violent video games result in less activity in the prefrontal portions of the brain, which are involved in inhibition, concentration and self-control.

Digital Heroin

  • Recent brain imaging research is showing that they affect the brain in exactly the same way that cocaine does.
  • Technology is so hyper-arousing that it raises dopamine levels — the feel-good neurotransmitter most involved in the addiction dynamic — as much as sex.
  • This addictive effect is why Dr. Peter Whybrow, director of neuroscience at UCLA, calls screens “electronic cocaine” and Chinese researchers call them “digital heroin.”
  • The handbook of “Internet Addiction” by Dr. Kimberly Young states that 18 percent of college-age internet users in the US suffer from tech addiction.
  • The immersive and addictive world of screens dampens and stunts key developmental processes.

“Once a kid has crossed the line into true tech addiction, treatment can be very difficult. Indeed, I have found it easier to treat heroin and crystal meth addicts than lost-in-the-matrix video gamers or Facebook-dependent social media addicts.”

The Addiction that’s Worse than Alcohol or Drug Abuse

In some ways, the psychological impact caused by Facebook, Snapchat and other digital platforms can be more difficult to treat than other recognised addictions, Driskell says. “It’s worse than alcohol or drug abuse because it’s much more engaging and there’s no stigma behind it,” he says. Driskell charges $150 per hour and works with patients on a weekly basis for at least six months.

Digital Technology is Killing our Purity

Multiple and manifold temptations and all in the privacy of our own homes.

Fight the New Drug

If you click through you’ll find peer-reviewed research on how porn harms the brain, porn affects relationships, and porn affects society. The Table of Contents is frightening enough before even opening the research.

‘She’d gone from a happy teenager to a wreck’: The day my daughter was caught sexting

Almost a third of teenagers have shared explicit pictures of themselves online and regularly share naked photos with each other via their smart phones, seemingly blissfully unaware – or in denial - of the pitfalls.

Porn 2.0: The Sexting Crisis

Teens and young adults said “Not Recycling” is more immoral than viewing pornographic images. They also placed “thinking negatively about someone with a different point of view” as a much worse activity than viewing pornography.

Why It’s Terrible News That Millennials Are Having Less Sex

Pre-marital sex is dropping. That sounds like a good thing until we find out that it’s largely because pornography and social media are disincentivizing young people from pursuing real romantic relationships.

Digital Technology is Killing our Spiritual Disciplines 

It’s killing communion with God as it usurps communication with him first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and throughout the day.

3 Reasons Why We Are Addicted to Digital Distraction

I surveyed eight thousand Christians about social media routines. More than half of the respondents (54 percent) admitted to checking a smartphone within minutes of waking. When asked whether they were more likely to check email and social media before or after spiritual disciplines on a typical morning, 73 percent said before. This reality is especially concerning

Thirty Seconds Alone with God | Desiring God

Tony Reinke analyzes the changes in our use of digital technology between 2015 and 2016. The clearest finding is “that our mobile devices, our tablets, and especially our smartphones are filling in more and more of life’s little gaps with perfectly sized bits of consumable media.” He warns us: “The worst of our compulsive social media habits in the empty spaces of our lives is corroding our prayer lives.”

In the little cracks of time in my day, with my limited attention, I am more apt to speak into social media than I am to pray. That’s the brute honesty of the situation. And because of this negligence, God feels more distant to my life as a result.

Time to Shut off our Phones and Go Deep with the Lord

I’ll tell you, one of the reasons we don’t go so deep and we don’t mourn so deeply and we don’t weep so bitterly and we don’t contemplate things like David did is because we’re so caught up in the trivialities of our – you know what, there’s a time to turn off your computer, turn off your phone…And if you’ve gotta take a 12-gauge shot gun and put a slug hole through the front of your television in order to get alone with the Lord, then do it.

Digital Technology is Killing our Churches 

8 Ways the Internet Can Damage the Church

I have young adult friends who spend most of their life secluded in front of a computer screen, often missing the relational blessings God intends for us. Isolation almost always leads to trouble.

It’s not uncommon to see a public tweet or a Facebook post that speaks positively of Christ, followed by a post that contradicts the kind of life Christ expects us to live–both from the same person. It’s not surprising that the world sometimes ignores our message of the transforming power of the gospel.

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