I shall live for God, not the ministry
“Without remaining resolved in steadfast surrender to God, ministers living for the ministry will either leave the ministry, or, what’s worse, the ministry will leave them.” This article by Burk Parsons could revolutionize your ministry. It certainly challenged me.

Seeing the grace of the Gospel in a car break-in
You’ll want to check out Brian Croft’s nicely re-vamped Practical Shepherding blog. Get a sample of his practical and grace-filled writing with this post.

Discipleship and Planting Churches
My friend and colleague, Bill Vandoodewaard, has penned an encouraging article for Reformed church planters.

No time to read?
Matt Perman with some good quotes to motivate the hard work of reading in pastoral ministry.

Books on Covenant Theology
A helpful booklist here from Proclamation Trust. My favorite, and one of five ministry-transforming books in my life, is The Christ of the Covenants, by O P Robertson.

Pastoral Moves
9 Marks Journal on how to leave your congregation…well.

Do small groups fit Reformed Ecclesiology?
Michael Ives raises some good questions. We don’t need to answer his question in the negative to profit from some of the concerns here.

Five Steps to easy preaching

  • Bernard Howard

    What are the other four of the five ministry-transforming books in your life? I’d be really interested to know. I love that book by OPR too. Interestingly he would take a different line on the Covenant of Works than yours in your recent post.

  • David Murray

    Bernard. Thanks for your question. Let me answer that with a blog post next week!