Does God like Economics?
“Our job as stewards, therefore, is to make wise choices and reshape the creation. We do this for our own local purposes as they operate within the bounds of God’s greater purposes. God designed potato plants for us to make French fries just as much as He designed electromagnetic radiation for us to develop WiFi. The creation is pregnant with endless possibilities even though each aspect of it is limited in its own way.”

Jesus’ Diary
Barry York: “Though it will never happen, for a moment think of the widespread media blitz that would occur if an archaeological society announced one day they had discovered the lost diary of Jesus Christ. ”

Multitasking’s Real Victims
How to break the multi-taking habits…of others.

How do schools suffocate creativity?Sir Ken RObinson interviewed on NPR about creativity and education (HT: Zach Nielsen)

The Art of Disagreeing in Public: 5 Important Points to Remember
Although Phil Monroe is focused on the disagreements between Biblical Counselors and Christian Psychologists, his points are valid for all Christian disagreements.

Alan Chambers, Exodus International, and Lordship Salvation
Denny Burk with the best article I’ve read on the worrying direction that Exodus International’s leadership has been taking regarding homosexuality.