Color bound: My pastor has to look like me
“Because of his color, many people can now ‘relate’ to the office of the president because the president physically looks like them. How often do we apply that same mindset to our churches?”

Christians take “beliefs” fight to the European Court
Want a prophecy of where the US is heading? “British courts have found overwhelmingly against Christians, occasionally comparing their beliefs unfavourably with secular principles”

He desires a noble task: The Erosion of the Evangelical Pastorate
“The evangelical church has a problem. We’re going to run out of good pastors. For a variety of reasons, we are failing to sufficiently prepare the next generation of church leadership.”

Why creativity blocks happen and how to overcome them
Preachers may find this useful too.

How to transition between sermon points without losing your audience
Eric McKiddie: “I’ve had to learn how to decelerate, downshift, turn, and then accelerate again by using a transitional paragraph, rather than a couple of sentences. Here’s how I do it, in seven steps.”

Pain-filled memories
I’ve never seen a man walk through agonizing bereavement in such a transparent and edifying way.