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Last week Tim Challies and I announced that we will be taking a course together and that we would love for you (yes you!) to take it with us. As we take the course, led by Dr. R.C. Sproul, we will be recording weekly podcasts to discuss what we have been learning and to answer some of the questions that students ask of us.

This first podcast, which you can listen to right here, talks about why we are doing this course and introduces a few of the 700+ students that have already signed up. It also reminds you that the course officially begins today, which is to say you’ve got between now and next Monday to take the first lesson (which is on Elijah).

If you would like to take this course with us, you have only six days left to sign up. Simply click here and join the version of the course led by Tim and me. Have that first lesson completed by March 4 and you’ll be right there with us. And in the meantime, give the podcast a quick listen.

  • Bob Jones

    Thanks for your podcast introducing “The Connected Kingdom.” I just happened to see a link for it while tuning in to WFIL 560 AM via the Internet.

    God bless, and hope to join your “massive online course” ASAP!

  • David Murray

    Great! Welcome on board.