500+ Preaching Resources

These are the most useful online preaching resources I’ve found on the web over the last 5-6 years, all organized under the following headings:

  • Preaching Courses
  • Basics Of Preaching
  • Exegesis
  • Expository Preaching
  • Commentaries
  • Introduction
  • Structure
  • Delivery of A Sermon
  • Using Notes
  • Application
  • Illustration
  • Old Testament Preaching
  • Evangelistic Preaching
  • Evaluating Preaching

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John Piper’s Sermon Preparation | Alex Chediak

Don Carson’s Lectures On Preaching

Fundamentals Of Expository Preaching – Macarthur and Lawson

Derek Tidball Lectures on Preaching – Justin Taylor

Richard Gaffin Lectures: Reformed Hermeneutics – Justin Taylor

Tim Keller’s New Lectures On Preaching

How Sermons Work: David Murray’s Video Lectures on Preaching


Top 10 Books on Preaching

John Stott On Preparing A Sermon

What You’ll Never Hear About Preaching In Seminary

How Do You Define Preaching? Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile

John Wesley’s 12 Rules For Preachers

Praying During Sermon Preparation | Ordinary Pastor

The Craft of Life-Changing Preaching – The Gospel Coalition Blog

A Classical Analysis of Puritan Preaching – Reformation21

Preaching and Sermon Preparation – Reformed Forum

Things I’ve Learned Along the Way… | H.B. Charles Jr.

Four Rules for Preachers – Justin Taylor

Ed Stetzer – Preaching “One-Time” Sermons

8 rules for preachers from Luther – Reformation21 Blog

Preachers on Preaching | The Cripplegate

Reflections on Great Bible Teaching (Part 1, Part 2)

40 Lessons I’ve Learned About Preaching After My 400th Sermon | Pastoralized

Sermon preparation – Ray Ortlund

6 Bullet Points on Preaching | Challies Dot Com

The Centrality Of Preaching | RBC

Four Easy (and often overlooked) Tips that Could Improve Your Preaching | Ordinary Pastor

Ligon Duncan on Lloyd-Jones – Kevin DeYoung

10 steps to better preaching | Mission-minded Church | Sydneyanglicans.net

Don’t Strive To Be a Great Preacher – Reformation21 Blog

Josh Moody on Preaching – Justin Taylor

Paul Washer on Homiletics | The Cripplegate

Help in Preaching the Hardest Sermons – Justin Taylor

Principles for preaching « The Wanderer

Lloyd-Jones on the Practice of Real Preaching – The Gospel Coalition Blog

7 Ways to Preach a Lousy Sermon by Ken Collins -SermonCentral.com

7 Marks of Great Preaching by David Lose -SermonCentral.com

Practical Tips for Expository Preachers | Crossway

Urban Legends: The Preacher’s Edition : Kingdom People

How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher? – Reformation21

What is Homiletics? on Vimeo

YouTube – What is Redemptive-Historical Preaching?

How to Think of Sermon Preparation and Delivery Like a Three-Course Meal – Justin Taylor

Practical Questions On Preaching | Proclamation Trust

Greg Beale on Preaching

Gospel-Centered Preaching : Kingdom People

Preaching that Paints the Shedding of Christ’s Blood - Feeding on Christ

The Imperative of the Indicative: Preaching Christ from the Gospels

An Outline for a Process of Sermon Preparation – Justin Taylor

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Preaching Bibliography Organized By Topic

Following this bibliography of the best available books on preaching, you’ll find a topical bibliography which groups the content of these books into topics, together with relevant page numbers. Thank you to my assistants, Esther Engelsma and Sarah Perez for all their work on this.

Here’s a PDF of the bibliographies together with a list of 500+ online resources on preaching.


Adams, J. E. Preaching with Purpose: The Urgent Task of HomileticsGrand Rapids: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1986.

Adams, J. E. Truth Applied: Application in PreachingGrand Rapids: Ministry Resources Library, 1990.

Akin, D. L., D. L. Allen and N. L. Mathews. Text-Driven Preaching: God’s Word at the Heart of Every SermonNashville: B&H Academic, 2010.

Anyabwile, T. M. The Faithful Preacher: Recapturing the Vision of Three Pioneering African-American PastorsWheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2006.

Azurdia, A. G. Spirit Empowered Preaching: The Vitality of the Holy Spirit in Preaching. Fearn, Ross-shire, Great Britain: Mentor, 2006.

Beeke, J. R. How to Evaluate SermonsDarlington, UK: Evangelical Press, 2012.

Bridges, C. The Christian MinistryEdinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1958.

Broadus, J. A. A Treatise on the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons (4th ed.). San Francisco: Harper, 1979.

Carrick, J. The Imperative of Preaching: A Theology of Sacred RhetoricEdinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 2002.

Carson, D. A. The Cross & Christian Ministry: An Exposition of Passages from 1 CorinthiansGrand Rapids: Baker Book House, 2004.

Chapell, B. Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon (2nd ed.). Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2005.

Chapell, B. The Hardest Sermons You’ll Ever Have to Preach: Help from Trusted Preachers for Tragic TimesGrand Rapids: Zondervan, 2011.

Charles, H. B. Jr. On Preaching: Personal & Pastoral Insights for the Preparation & Practice of PreachingChicago: Moody Publishers, 2014.

Dabney, R. L. Sacred Rhetoric or a Course of Lectures on PreachingEdinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1986.

Dever, M. & S. Ferguson (Intro.). The Westminster Directory of Public WorshipRoss-shire, UK: Christian Focus Publications, 2009.

Dever, M. & G. Gilbert. Preach: Theology Meets PracticeNashville, TN: B&H Books, 2012.

Eswine, Z. Preaching to a Post-Everything World: Crafting Biblical Sermons that Connect with Our CultureGrand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2008.

Gordon, T. D. Why Johnny Can’t Preach: The Media Have Shaped the MessengerPhillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed, 2009.

Greidanus, S. The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text: Interpreting and Preaching Biblical LiteratureGrand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1988.

Helm, D. R. Expositional Preaching: How We Speak God’s Word TodayWheaton: Crossway, 2014.

Hoeksema, H. C. HomileticsGrandville, MI: Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches, 1993.

Kistler, D. (Ed.). Feed My Sheep! A Passionate Plea for Preaching (2nd ed.). Orlando: Reformation Trust, 2008.

Koller, C. W. Expository Preaching Without NotesGrand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1962.

Lloyd-Jones, D. M. Preaching and Preachers (2nd ed.). Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2012.

Logan, S. T. Jr. (Ed.). The Preacher and PreachingPhillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed, 2011.

MacArthur, J. Jr. and the Master’s Seminary Faculty. Preaching: How to Preach BiblicallyNashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2005.

MacArthur, J. Jr. and the Master’s Seminary Faculty. Rediscovering Expository PreachingDallas: Word, 1992.

Meyer, J. C. Preaching: A Biblical TheologyWheaton, IL: Crossway, 2013.

Millar, G. & P Campbell. Saving EutychusKingsford, Australia: Matthias Media, 2013.

Miller, C. Preaching: The Art of Narrative ExpositionGrand Rapids: Baker, 2010.

Mohler, R. A. Jr. He is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern WorldChicago: Moody, 2008.

Montoya, A. Preaching with PassionGrand Rapids: Kregel, 2007.

Motyer, A. Preaching? Simple Teaching on Simply PreachingRoss-shire, UK: Christian Focus Publications, 2013.

Murray, D. How Sermons Work. Darlington, England: EP Books, 2011.

Perkins, W. The Art of ProphesyingEdinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1996.

Piper, J. The Supremacy of God in PreachingGrand Rapids: Baker Books, 2015.

Prutow, D. J. So Pastor, What’s Your Point? Philadelphia, PA: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Inc, 2010.

Robinson, H. W. Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository MessagesGrand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2014.

Smith, S. W. Dying to Preach: Embracing the Cross in the PulpitGrand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 2009.

Spurgeon, C. H. An All-Round MinistryCarlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, 1960.

Spurgeon, C. H. Lectures to My StudentsGrand Rapids: Zondervan, 1979.

Stott, J. R. W. Between Two Worlds: The Art of Preaching in the Twentieth CenturyGrand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1982.


Under each subject heading you’ll find the books and page numbers covering that topic. Taking the first entry, for example, if you want to study about how to prepare to preach, read pages 78-85 of Preaching with Purpose by J. E. Adams.

1. Preparation: Preparing to preach

Adams/Preaching, pp. 78-85
Akin/Text-Driven, pp. 101-134
Bridges/Christian, pp. 192-221
Broadus/Preparation, pp. 237-260
Chapell/Christ-Centered, pp. 344-345
Charles/On Preaching, pp. 15-48, 124-131
Dabney/On Preaching, pp. 328-344
Dever/Preach, pp. 79-84
Dever/Westminster, pp. 93
Koller/Expository Preaching, pp. 44-60
Lloyd-Jones/Preaching, pp. 165-204
MacArthur/Preaching, pp. 47-89
Millar/Saving, pp. 63-69
Miller/Preaching, pp. 101-123
Murray/How Sermons Work, pp. 11-18
Perkins/Art, pp. 23-29
Piper/Supremacy, pp. 90-92, 100-102
Spurgeon/All-Round, pp. 329-339
Stott/Art, pp. 254-261

2. Selection: Selecting a text

Adams/Preaching, pp. 21-26
Broadus/Preparation, pp. 30-35
Charles/On Preaching, pp. 50-57
Dever/Preach, pp. 63-78
Dever/Westminster, pp. 93
Greidanus/Modern, pp. 122-140
Murray/How Sermons Work, pp. 19-34
Perkins/Art, pp. 9-22
Prutow/So Pastor, pp. 53-60
Robinson/Biblical, pp. 28-31
Spurgeon/Lectures, pp. 81-96
Stott/Art, pp. 213-219

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How Sermons Work: Video Lectures On Preaching

The following video lectures are based on the book, How Sermons Work, by David Murray.


See chapter 1 of How Sermons Work.


2.1 Text or Topic?

2.2 Why Choose A Text?

2.3 What Is A Text?

2.4 Pros And Cons Of Consecutive Expository Preaching

2.5. How To Choose A Text

2.6 What Does A Good Text Look Like?


3.1 Exegetical Foundations

3.2 Translation Questions

3.3 Background Questions

3.4 Genre Questions

3.5 Textual Questions

3.6 Contextual Questions

3.7 Christological Questions

3.8 Final Questions


4.0 Ten Kinds Of Sermon


5.1 Positive Introductions

5.2 Negative Introductions

5.3 Twelve Introductions


6.1 Structure And Simplicity

6.2 Sermon Points


7.1 Ten Sermon Structures

7.2 Ten (More) Sermon Structures


8.1 What Is Application?

8.2 Principles Of Application (1)

8.3 The Principles Of Application (2)


9.1 Application: The Practice (1)

9.2 Application: The Practice (2)


10.1 Preaching And Purity

10.2 Preaching And Prayer

10.5 Preaching And Pronunciation

10.6 Preaching And Passion

10.7 Preaching And People

10.8 Preaching And Plainness

10.10 Preaching And Paper

10.11 Preaching and Presence

Top 10 Books on Preaching

As I’m often asked for book recommendations on various subjects, I decided to put together an online list of my top ten books in various categories. Basically, if I was only allowed 10 books in my library on that subject, these are the ten I would choose. Other posts include:

Today I’m listing my Top 10 books on preaching.

After my list you’ll find a poll where you can cast three votes for your favorite books and help others choose the best books on the subject. Click on “View Results” to see what books are most popular. You can also add any book not on the list by writing the title in “Other.”

1. Preaching and Preachers by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

What a difference it would make to the church if this book was modeled more widely. As the title suggest it is not just about sermons, but about those who preach them – the message and the man. This edition is interspersed with valuable commentary by contemporary preachers like Logon Duncan and Mark Dever.

2. Christ-centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell.

If I was just starting out in preaching, this would be my first purchase. It will anchor your sermons in the text and focus them on Christ. Key insight is the FCF (Fallen Condition Focus).

3. Between Two Worlds: The Challenge of Preaching Today by John Stott.

Good material on the theology of preaching, and good arguments to overcome objections to preaching. Especially good on identifying “The Dominant Thought” of the preaching passage. Also strong on application, but if I was looking for something on application alone, I would choose Truth Applied by Jay Adams.

4. How to Preach Biblically by John Macarthur and the Master’s Seminary Faculty.

As is common with multiple authorship, some chapters overlap and some are a little weak but this is the most comprehensive book on preaching on this list.

5. Feed my Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching by a constellation of outstanding preachers, edited by Don Kistler.

Not for the newbie but if you’ve been preaching for a few years this will take you to the next level.

6. The Preacher and Preaching by various preachers, edited by Sam Logan.

My favorites chapter are Exegesis by Sinclair Ferguson and Sermon Structure and Flow by Glen Knecht. Gwyn Walters’ chapter on The Body in the Pulpit is also fascinating.

7. So Pastor, What’s Your Point? by Dennis Prutow.

Really a complete homiletics course in one large but very practical volume.

8. On The Preparation and Delivery of Sermons by John Broadus.

A bit verbose, but a treasure trove of classic homiletic teaching. Some of it dated, but much-needed “old-fashioned” emphasis on the privilege and dignity of the office of preacher.

9. Lectures to My Students by C.H Spurgeon.

So full of plain common sense and lots of funny stories.

10. How Sermons Work by David Murray.

Hope you’ll forgive me for including this – in my defense, I put it in at #10! Probably the simplest and most practical of the bunch. A good starter or refresher.

Now you decide, what are your favorites? You can cast three votes and add a book if it’s not in the list.

Honorable mentions

If I’d had a Top Twenty the following books would also have been included.

The Imperative of Preaching by John Carrick. Explains the four “moods” of preaching : The indicative, the exclamative, the interrogative, and the imperative, with the emphasis of the book being on the imperative.

 The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper. More focused on the subject of preaching than the method. But if this book doesn’t put fire in your belly, nothing will.

The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges. Covers much more than preaching but still worth it for the preaching material alone.

Preach: Theology Meets Practice by Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert. 40 pages on the theology of preaching, 70 on the practice, and another 60 of sample sermons where the principle and the practice come together.

Dying to Preach: Embracing the Cross in the Pulpit by Steven W. Smith. His basic thesis is that the nature of our message should impact the way we present and communicate our message. Those who preach a crucified Christ should preach in a crucified style. And even though it is more about style than substance, the whole book is an argument for an absence of style, or, rather, a crucified style.

How To Preach Without Notes by Charles Koller. More specialized, but even if you don’t get to note-less, it will encourage less dependence on notes.

The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text by Sidney Greidanus. A bit more technical but also many practical helps to bridge the gap between the time and culture of when the Bible was written and our own day.

Why Johnny Can’t Preach by T. David Gordon. Fairly negative but needed.

Preaching to a Post-Everything World by Zack Eswine. This and the following book are the two best books on preaching that have been published in the last couple of years. Contemporary, challenging, and encouraging.

Saving Eutychus: How to Preach God’s Word and Keep People Awake by Gary Millar and Phil Campbell. A call for more imagination, creativity, and feeling in preaching. Given the aim (less sleepy hearers), I was surprised at the continued commitment to full manuscript in the pulpit.

How to Evaluate Sermons by Joel Beeke. Although this focuses on the aftermath of preaching, it’s also a great checklist before preaching.

Reader Suggestions

Spirit Empowered Preaching: Involving The Holy Spirit in Your Ministry by Arturo Azurdia

Preaching with Passion by Alex Montoya

The Faithful Preacher: Recapturing the Vision of Three Pioneering African-American Pastors by Thabiti Anyabwile

On Preaching: Personal & Pastoral Insights for the Preparation & Practice of Preaching by H B Charles

Sacred Rhetoric by R. L Dabney

Preaching: A Biblical Theology by Jason C. Meyer

Preaching with Purpose by Jay Adams

Preaching? Simply Teaching on Simply Preaching by Alec Motyer

Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson

Spirit Empowered Preaching by Art Azurdia

The Cross and Christian Ministry by D. A. Carson

Text-Driven Preaching: God’s Word at the Heart of Every Sermon. Edited by David Allen and Daniel Akin.

Expositional Preaching: How We Speak God’s Word Today by David Helm

He is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern World by Al Mohler

Preaching: The Art of Narrative Exposition by Calvin Miller