While I’m on vacation, I’m taking a break from preparing Check outs and writing a daily post. Instead, I’ve been posting “The Best of HeadHeartHand,” a series of indexes to past blog posts under a number of headings including Counseling, Leadership, Preaching, etc. Previous posts included:

140 articles on the Christian Life,
100 articles of Cultural Commentary
100+ articles on Preaching.
250+ articles on Ministry and Leadership

And today it’s approximately 80 posts on Counseling. Some of the older posts’ formatting may be a bit off, the result of transferring from blogging at Posterous to using WordPress a couple of years ago.

Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling

John Piper On Biblical Counseling

Charity And Clarity In Counseling

The Counselor’s Role In The Holy Spirit’s Counseling

Your Brain Is Plastic (And That’s Good News)

Is It Time For More Positive Biblical Counseling?

Exploring Our Inner Universe

God’s Fatherhood: Better Than The Latest Band-Aid Of Self-Help

A new breed and a dying breed

Really practical theology

Is low self-esteem always beautiful?

Counseling yourself

Daily list: 11 trends in biblical counseling in 2011

Tis the season to be sad

A counseling challenge for 2012

American optimism v Scottish skepticism

Equipping counselors for your church

Turning a dream into reality

What do Bob Kellemen and Mathew Henry have in common?

The best training for counseling

Revealing research

Give us this day our daily brain food

Food and mood

Soul food

I feel sorry for psychologists

Fear and the brain

Can we redeem self-esteem?

Depression: The 6 R’s

Miscarriage? Death of a child? Need help?

Malachi’s short story

A counseling policy for your church

Counseling 101

Rebellious children? Try sleeping

You are what you think

Who sinned? This man or his parents?

Calvin and Piper on sufficiency of scripture

The cost of mental illness

Struggling with personality disorder

Wise counsel for biblical counselors

Want help to stop grumbling?

He cares for you

Pastors and suicide?

Why are we so angry?

Antidepressants work fast?

Journalism and Counseling

Do You Really Need Antidepressants?

7 Questions About Suicide And Christians

Mental Illness & Suicide: The Church Awakes

Pastoral Thoughts On Depression

The Problem With “Mental Illness”

Double Dangers: Maximizing And Minimizing Mental Illness

A Medical Test For Mental Illness

The Puritans And Mental Illness

The Puritans On Medication For Mental Illness

Seasonal Affective Disorder [Video]

8 Ways Preachers Harm The Depressed

Delivered From Islam…And Depression

How Biblical Is Biblical Counseling?

Trinitarian Counseling

Fighting Falsehoods About My Heavenly Father

Wonderful Southern Baptist Resolution On Mental Health Issues

10 lessons from two days

“Black folk don’t go to therapy”

8 ways to help depressed Christians

A depressing report about depression

Caring for the depressed (4): Stigma

Caring for the depressed (3): Support

Caring for the depressed (2): Sympathy

Caring for the depressed (1): Study

5 questions to ask a depressed person

Helpful CCEF video about depression

Helping someone with post-partum depression

The Most Important Question In Marriage

Jesus Sighed

What girls should know about guys: 40 tips

What guys should know about girls: 50 tips

What guys should know about girls (adult edition)

What girls should know about guys (adult edition)

Young(ish), single, reformed

Unofficial study guide for “the meaning of marriage”

What a happy marriage? Marry someone poor and ugly!

How to love your wife (or husband) less

What did you expect? Something more positive!

Disability and salvation: A moving personal testimony

Why disabilities?

A father’s journey with his down syndrome daughter


If you don’t want to cry, don’t watch this