While I’m on vacation over the next week or so, I’m taking a break from preparing Check outs and writing a daily post. Instead, I’ll be posting “The Best of HeadHeartHand,” a series of indexes to past blog posts under a number of headings including Counseling, Leadership, Preaching, etc. On Monday, I listed 140 articles on the Christian Life, on Tuesday it was 100 articles of Cultural Commentary. Today it’s over a hundred posts on preaching.

20 Sermon Structures

What Is Sermon Application?

8 Principles Of Sermon Application

The Manner Is The Message

How To Preach A Viral Sermon

Snapshot Sermons

10 Foolish Obstacles To The Foolishness Of Preaching

What Does It Mean To “Preach Christ?”

8 Lessons I Learned About Preaching From Painting My Kitchen

8 Ways Preachers Harm The Depressed

This Is An Outstanding Sermon

Check Out: Big God Theology

Six Audiences

Truthful + Beautiful = Faithful

Dangerous dissection

How To Astonish The World

What Does An Evangelistic Sermon Look Like?

What is evangelistic preaching?

4 kinds of evangelistic sermon

Why is evangelistic preaching so rare today?

4 characteristics of evangelistic preaching

Four (more) characteristics of evangelistic preaching

Normal sermon prep? Really?

Six steps of sermon preparation

20 tips on how to use Bible commentaries

Daily list: 7 tips for public speaking without all the notes

The charity of clarity

7 types of preacher’s block (and what to do about them)

How sermons work

The must-have pastoral skill

Top 10 preaching mistakes

CK2:20 Preaching without notes?

Am I boring you? 7 tell-tale signs

Top 6 struggles of pastoral ministry

Would you turn down Princeton?

David Wilkerson’s heartfelt plea for “anguish”

Sermon prep and the chemistry of fear

Blogging or preaching?

7 easy steps to much faster sermon prep

Pros and cons of consecutive expository preaching

Catchy sermon titles?

Bored with your own preaching?

How to listen to boring lectures (and sermons?)

More on preaching without notes

Should we practice preaching?

Can a to-do list make you a better preacher?

So pastor, what’s your point?

Pastors and communication: 4 questions

Learning to preach from non-preachers

Jack Dorsey’s secret

Preachers wearing too much make-up

Preachers: Plan on being misunderstood

Microwave or marinate?

Sermon preparation for busy pastors

A plea for profound simplicity

The secret to powerful preaching

People trust eloquence more than honesty

What is preaching? Your answers, please.

Dying to preach

Before you preach on forgiveness read this…

Electronic resources for sermon preparation

How to critique a sermon

Six keys to excellence in preaching

Tell them one thing

Preaching without notes (2)

Preaching without notes (1)

Step-by-step guide to interpreting a text

Learning to preach from writers

Clouds of words

Abstract academics or practical preachers

Preaching without notes

How can I compete with internet sermons?

Screenwriting and preaching

Evangelistic preaching (full text)

Great preachers are great listeners (and lovers)

Serous preaching in a comedy culture

God blesses “Beta” sermons

A preacher who dreads sermon preparation

The preacher’s vocal toolbox

20 ways to apply a sermon

Making a sermon stick

Twenty ways to structure a sermon

Ten principles of sermon organization

How not to start a sermon

Sermon Eurekas

Freshen up your preaching

Enhanced interrogation techniques

What will I preach on?

How sermons work

Preaching to all ages

Steve Jobs on preaching

Investing in sermon titles

Overcoming the frustration barrier in preaching

The rule of three for pastors

White space for preachers

Freshen up your preaching

10,000 hours to preach a great sermon?

Post-preaching blues?

Serious preaching in a comedy culture

How not to preach boring sermons!

“Day-dreaming” helps sermon preparation

Spluttering or Sprinting over the Finish Line

200 Preaching Resources

Top 70 Online Resources On The Psalms

Disarming Your Hearers