While I’m on vacation over the next week or so, I’m taking a break from preparing Check outs and writing a daily post. Instead, I’ll be posting “The Best of HeadHeartHand,” a series of indexes to past blog posts under a number of headings including Counseling, Leadership, Preaching, etc. We kick off today with an index to 140 articles on the Christian Life.

I’m A Pastor Again!

The worst phone call of my life

A Forever Home For A Dead Dog

Some Reflections From A New Dad (Age 47)

Are You A Maximizer Or Satisficer?

Thankful People Are Happy People

Sanctification By Time Travel

What Do You Do When The Word Leaves You Cold?

How Technology Made Me A Better Christian

I’d Rather Be A Godly Administrator Than An Ungodly Minister

10 Pictures Of Faith In Jesus

The Seminary Of Suffering

I’m Just A…(Fill In The Gap)

Optimism And Faith In A POW Camp

A Modern Parable Of The Talents [Video]

Education And The Digital Revolution

An Alternative To “Meh”

8 Ways To Keep The Cross At The Center Of Your Life

Work, Life, And Guilt: An Interview

12 Characteristics Of The Gospel Call

6 Possible Responses To The Gospel Call

I Get What I Deserve

The Most Disobeyed Commandment In The Church?

Excuses, Excuses

The Power Of The Flying Pink Elephant

The Most Essential Life Skill: Teachability

How Can I Explain The Trinity To A Child?

Exploring Our Inner Universe

God’s Everywhere Grace

God’s Every-Animal Grace

Everywhere Grace Does Not Save But Points Us To The One Who Does

Everywhere Worship For Everywhere Grace

13 Reasons Why Election Is Not Foreseen Faith

10 Ways To Give Constructive Criticism

10 Reasons Why It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive

If that’s Christianity you can keep it!

When Christians let us down and get us down

Seeing Christ in the worst Christians

5 Ways To Profit From Christians’ Sins

5 Reasons Why Christians Need To Hear The Gospel

Is There Such A Thing As A Christian Salesman?

10 Positive Reasons To Train Your Kids In Cell Phone Use

Where’s God And What’s He Doing

The F250 Gospel

A Hallelujah From Head To Foot

Biblical Stargazing

Jesus Offers Us His C.V.

The Beauty Of Manual Labor

One Of The Most Powerful Sermons I Never Heard

Foolish Resistance And Invincible Grace

A Womb To Tomb Gospel

The Gospel Has No Small Print

What If Jesus Is Still Dead?

We’re Pregnant!

Parenting Teenagers In Grace University

Six Practical Reasons To Study Eschatology

Riddle: What Stings But Doesn’t Produce Honey?

Economics For Everybody

Presumptuous Or Optimistic Parenting?

King Salmon Taught Me How To Learn

I’d Rather Err With The Baptists

Jesus The Ecumenical Separatist

Meditation: 10 Motives And 10 Step Method

We Will Remember Them

15 Reasons Why The Greatest Suffering Is Better Than The Smallest Sin

12 Reasons Why Public Worship Is Better Than Private Worship

The End Of “To-Do” Lists

Two Helps To Believing The Gospel Of Done

Two (More) Helps To Believing The Gospel Of Done

Saved by 9/11

Forgive my prayers

But what if I’m not elect

How to turn a nightmare into a dream

A Christian tightrope walker?

God and pepperoni pizza

Dear selfaholic

4 reasons to remember your creator in your youth

4 reasons to remember your creator in middle age

God’s two planning departments

You are God’s masterpiece

The most unbelieved 10 letters in the Bible

My chick problem

The solution to my chick problem

And the walls came tumblin’ down

You’re not racist are you? Sometimes

Nine reasons why you may lack assurance

“Death, you shall die”

A summary not a substitute

Why am I here?

What is truth?

The unanswerable question

1 + 1 +1 = 1

The Christian life is not safe

Brandwashing, brainwashing, and Biblewashing

Lessons from the cancer ward

Help, daddy, get me out of here!

My worst and best jobs

Post-prayer satanic whisper

Is parting such sweet sorrow?

Let not the sun go down upon your wrath

O sin that will not let me go?

Two surgeries in one week

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in hell

How to memorize: 10 fast facts

Wilderness university

Looking back and counting my blessings

Turn haters into friends. Ask them for a favor!

I found my lost childhood diary!

Oh No! My wife’s coming home

Serving seniors

Better to worship in the pew than the pulpit?

Before you call, I will answer

Should Christians fast?

The least prayed (most answered) prayer

Holy habits

The benefits of holy habits

You have multiple blood clots in both lungs

God’s been hunting me down

Self-examination for the digital age

Dangerous dollars

Spiritual weedkiller

Seven important men

I can’t stop thinking about this

Three lessons I’ve learned from parenting teens

Violent attack on future king

The world-transforming power of a good conscience

A good conscience is an educated conscience

A good conscience is an exercised conscience

A good conscience is an encouraging conscience

A good conscience is an enjoyable conscience

Why share the gospel?

Gospel-centered obedience

Pumping up the self-control in the age of temptations

The Devil’s calendar

The Fastest Way To Discourage Other Christians

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  • keijo

    Hello from sweden and we from Finland living here with blessing an din grace and joyful life in the Holy Spirits power and our the church needs revival in out pouring of the Holy Spirit to save and heal and making miracles in Jesus name fo blods case ,thanks and belss and pray for us,keijo sweden