While I’m on vacation over the next week or so, I’m taking a break from preparing Check outs and writing a daily post. Instead, I’ll be posting “The Best of HeadHeartHand,” a series of indexes to past blog posts under a number of headings including Counseling, Leadership, Preaching, etc. Yesterday I listed 140 articles on the Christian Life. Today it’s 100 or so posts of cultural commentary, including posts on posts on education, gay marriage, and politics.

The Future Of American Higher Education

My “Anti-Mohler” Summer Reading List

What Every 20-Something Needs To Know

Embryonic Stem Cells: Where Are The Cures?

The Most Hated Man In Science

Prepare For Gay Marriage

What Yahoo Can Teach Us About Church

A New Recipe For Happiness

How Racism Is Bad For Our Bodies

When The Government Tries To Be God

The Most Disobeyed Commandment In The Church?

The Power Of The Flying Pink Elephant

What Did You Really Learn At College?

10 Positive Reasons To Train Your Kids In Cell Phone Use

Where Have All The Positive Americans Gone?

7 Lessons for Christians from the “Gay Victory”

The Badge Of Honor

Autistic Artist Sketches New York Skyline From Memory

A New Diet For A New Year

Newtown: Time To Operate On A “Need To Know” Basis

The Apostle Paul’s Media Pyramid

What Lance Armstrong Teaches Us About The Unevangelized Heathen?

What Is A Social Conservative?

Spiritual Report On Scotland

Diversity, Diversity, Diversity

A New Reformation Begins…On Our Own Doorstep

Jesus The Ecumenical Separatist

The case for “hate”

How to be a Christian hater

Curiosity and Christ: Should Christians support exploration of Mars?

What letter would you write you write to a gay son?

10 lessons from beauty and the beast

3 reasons for the epidemic of Christophobia

Victory? The triumphant gay revolution

Homosexuality, polyester, and shellfish

12 differences between Scottish and American churches

Pop music getting sadder and sadder

Where are the Presbyterian celebrity pastors?

A modern parable from Britain’s got talent


Some sympathy for atheists

The old idea still causing us problems

Ethical cars with unethical drivers

Franklin Graham apologizes to president Obama

What is truth?

Contraception? Where’s the vision?

Republicans are waking up and dreaming dreams

Entitlement: the gimme generation

Brandwashing, brainwashing, and Biblewashing

Outreach for introverts

Are you the chicken of….?

Daily list: top ten buzzwords in 2011

Should we answer the questions people are asking?

“Politics is God”

Republican leadership “fail

Wilderness university

Are we getting nicer?

Footprints everywhere

“Certainly the end of something or other, one would sort of have to think”

Conformity for diversity’s sake

How to answer a hostile TV interviewer

Captivated: The movie

Media bullies

“The person to your right is a liar…and to the left…”

The “gospel” of art

The loner president and the loner pastor

10 things I wish I’d known in college

10 more things I wish I’d known at college

Less gospel, more Christ please

What’s the difference between Islamic and Christian Extremists?

Was Christianity responsible for the Crusades?

Everyone wants better. No one wants change

How to catch a liar

Happiness = gratitude + generosity + sincerity

CNN learns ten spiritual lessons

Top 5 deathbed regrets

Was Adam a real man?

Reformed robots

Prepare to be wiki-leaked?

100 failed human predictions

Religion. Sex. Power

38% believe marriage becoming obsolete

Why are winners so miserable?

Parental rights at risk in America

The world’s largest art competition

What Dawkins, Hawkins, and Hitchens know about God

7 trends in an age of information overload

Is the American dream dying?

Is the pope “right about Christ?”

Why Tony Blair’s leadership journey failed

Is the first amendment being redefined?

Bill Gate’s favorite teacher

2010: The year of the national disaster

Gays outdo straights in online development

Getting X’rs to the cross

The way we’re working isn’t working

TV with a conscience

Failure: The last taboo?

Drive-by culture and the endless search for wow

Christian clothes commercial

Rebuilding trust: Lessons from Toyota

What can a 100-year-old coach teach us?

Six laws of human nature

A diet of 34 GB of data a day

Your brain without dad?

Why are we so angry?

Cure unhappiness-get alone

Time magazine makes the case for humility

Confessions of a cultural dropout

Why are woman getting gloomier and men are getting happier?

Diggers or drinkers?